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Massachusetts Seamless Flooring
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Our staff is factory trained and they spend many hours learning the industry's needs and performing them with a deep sense of pride. This is the reason we have been so successful for many years installing resinous flooring and epoxy flooring. Learning to install a product is an important phase of what we do, but learning to understand and resolve customer's concerns is what helps us develop such a strong following.
We as a company value education and to that extent we are constantly pursuing continuing education for our staff to maintain that cutting edge approach to our client's needs.

                                                                                     Jeffrey Smedley, President

The co-founder of Mid Atlantic Technical Services. Jeffrey has been involved in the industrial flooring and coating industry his whole life of 49 years. He is the second generation of an environmental minded industry. His father was a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University and career long civil engineer, involved in steel storage tanks and protective linings.
Jeff has many years of experience in a variety of coatings, linings and mortars for the industrial, pharmaceutical and food service industry.

                                                                            Stephen Smedley, VP and Office Manager

A West Virginia University graduate, Stephen represents the third generation of the family interests in the environmental industry. His expertise in business management and field knowledge allows us the ability to foresee and remedy our clienteles concerns before they become a problem.

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