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Please find below some basic guidelines for epoxy flooring. We hope to encourage you to give us a call today,  to discuss your design and installation needs  

Here are some types of epoxy floor:

Self dispersing epoxy floor have very good mechanical strength, are mainly used in areas with forklift and heavy trucks traffic.

Self dispersing epoxy floor with quartz sand is used in food processing industries where often liquids on the floors are present; they have very good anti slip characteristics. 

Self leveling epoxy floor is commonly used in kitchens, dining rooms, storage places, car services; they are easy to clean and maintain. 

Mortar epoxy floor:The strongest off all epoxy floors, used in heavy industry, they can also be used for repairing cracks before lying other types of epoxy floors.

Graveled epoxy floor is the most decorative and also the most complicated epoxy floor for laying. they have very good anti slip characteristics. They can be used for logotypes, brand marks or decorative details on the floors.

Epoxy terrazzo floor is very decorative, easy to clean, mainly used for large areas such as halls and entrances of public buildings, schools etc.

Epoxy antistatic floor is designed for places where static-sensitive electronic components are in permanent use as in labs, hospitals, electronics equipment manufacturing etc., where a static-free environment is most important

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