Please take advantage of our complimentary on site specification and design work!

HPS has the experience of investigating and specifying the following products and systems for repair and upgrading situations:

•Resin Screeds and Pumped Polymer Overlays 
•Cementitious Toppings & Thin Bonded Screeds 
•Resin Coatings & Self-Leveling Finishes 
•Low Disruption Slab Jacking Processes 
•Concrete Overlays including Microsilica Concrete 
•Resin Crack Injection & Joint Repairs 
•Grinding and all forms of Surface Preparation 

Floor slab repairs are not only expensive but often cause disruption to the efficient running of a facility while they are being carried out. Thus the consequences of inadequate performance of such repairs are, at best, further disruption, resulting in another increase in operational costs. In extreme cases, the situation may be made worse by the repairs, possibly leading to damage to equipment, or a safety hazard to employees.It is therefore crucial that the repairs are carried out diligently. It is equally important to ensure that the repairs are correctly specified. The problems that result from an inappropriate specification are often worse than those caused by poor workmanship when carrying out the work, particularly in the long term.
HPS services are aimed at ensuring that adequate specifications are prepared, appropriate products are used and high standards of workmanship are maintained on site.
Often we are able to keep fully up to date with the latest developments, something that is not always possible for traditional multi-disiplined consultants or contractors.
HPS does not formulate any materials, therefore we are in a position to select the most appropriate solution to a flooring problem from the full range of products and systems available in the market, without any 'vested interest'. This is a particular advantage in this field of maintenance and repair, where every manufacturer claims to have the answer to every problem!
HPS understands that disruption to the client's business is costly and that repairs need to be effective - first time.

We encourage you to visit us at our "Past Project" portfolio to better understand our sense of commitment to excellence. 

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